Sherie is a former lawyer, an author, speaker, broadcaster, podcaster, trainer and businesswoman who specialises in turning obstacles into opportunities.

Her latest book, ‘Finding My Voice’, tells the story of her ‘forty-year apprenticeship in sound’, which began in 1969, when she was a newly registered blind toddler, afraid of noise.

From that point on, she began turning impairment into empowerment, including:

Passionate about what she sees as ‘the crime of wasted potential’, Sherie has worked as a volunteer with a succession of children’s charities.  In 2005, she became a governor at a primary school in a deprived area of her home town.  The school struggles to encourage its pupils to embrace reading and writing because,  as Sherie says, ‘They don’t see their parents doing it very much, so it’s not “cool”!’ So in 2008, she worked with ‘twenty-six seven-year-old co-authors and illustrators’.  Together they wrote, illustrated and published a children’s book on healthy eating.

One of her long-term ambitions is to set up a charity to develop more such projects, to help children whose opportunities are limited by disability, social or economic circumstances unlock their ability through creativity.